What could I offer the world that it doesn’t already have? I’ve been pondering this question for what feels like an eternity, terrified of clicking the publish button, to launch a creation of my mind into the world. What do I offer that is unique? Common advice says to be an expert in something. And truthfully, the only field in which I feel any expertise, at this point in my life, is myself. Interesting? Maybe. Conceited? Definitely.

The fact is, I’ve experienced what I consider a drastic amount of growing, maturing, and learning over the past couple years. I don’t know how typical this expansion is, considering I only get this one life and I can’t speak to anyone else’s experience. But I’m brimming with ideas that I’d love to share with even a couple people who might find what I have to say interesting and compelling.

To be upfront and honest, this blog is going to be more for myself than anyone else. I envision a life for myself where I’m not timid to launch a new creative project into the world, be it an art series, album, podcast, book, or online class. I’m using this blog to help me work out and grow my “yes it’s not perfect, post it anyway” muscle. I have historically used artificial barriers to entry as an excuse to postpone this kind of work, but I am done fighting that internal battle.

I aim to publish a new post once a week on Monday mornings. I’ll bring what I’ve been ruminating on during the last week. I will discuss daily habits, practices, and rituals that I’ve learned to incorporate into my life and relationships that I believe may add value to your life. I will have podcasts to recommend, whole feeds and individual episodes. I will share book reviews as I complete new titles. If it offers me an exercise in creative and critical writing, it’ll likely appear here at some point. Follow me on socials if you like. Check in on what I’m reading on Goodreads or at the bottom of my home page. You can even follow me on Spotify, following the link above, if you’re curious what I like to listen to.

This is in exercise in added value. The act of thinking through writing will undoubtedly add value to my life. I sincerely hope that I can add value to your lives in the process.


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